Letting Go…Continuing On

2017 was quite a year, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, with its own lessons and wonderings, the most prominent of which were two seemingly contradictory sentiments: to let go and to continue.

The immortalized wisdom of the iconic Disney song “Let it go,” delivers more truth with each passing day.  What you can’t change or transform into something beautiful, you must let go, and in doing so, you gain the acceptance that whatever “it” was is simply not meant to be, at least not any longer.  The trite adage that loss makes room for something better is of little comfort when solitude surfaces and there are small reminders wherever you go, which is precisely why continuing is its next of kin.

Continuing asks us to be curious; it spurs hope and compels us to remain, often when we wish in our deep sadness that we could disappear.  While not simple, it is critical to our survival and even our flourishing once again, to be curious about what CAN come next and to establish hope in a place where perhaps none may have existed previously. Curiosity is the birthplace of growth because it renders us creators of our own destiny, and hope becomes the sheer will that drives us.  Hope, the belief that the future can be better than the past and that we have the power to make it so, solicits our attention and participation in manifesting what comes next, and in doing so, we remain…changed, no doubt by the acceptance of the things we can’t change, and somehow more fierce, more courageous, tempered in our struggle to make sense of our small lives, but we remain.
I took leave of this blog for a few months, needing to get my bearings, to re-set my internal GPS, so to speak, and let go once again, so that I could continue.  If letting go, is a dis-membering of all the pieces that are unable to form logical bonds, then continuing is a re-membering, a putting together of the pieces in a new and different way, and when we do that, we encounter a new normal.  We adjust our internal compass to align with our non-negotiable, fundamental, most true self.  When we let go, this is the part that continues…the essential remains. But it takes courage to do so.  Courage, from the Latin, to cor, which means from the heart, it literally takes using your heart to let go and continue.
The only question then is will you?  Will you let go of what you thought it should be, of old habits and thought patterns, in order to continue, in order to allow what already is to take shape and re-member your life?
Wishing you all the courage to be curious, to marvel at where your life could take you, and the defining hope that anchors your belief in your own ability to continue.
Oh…and love…I wish you love, always.

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