Dreams Live In Courageous Hearts

Dreams live in courageous hearts. Cute little quote on Facebook, right? But it’s also true. It takes courage to have a dream come to you and live inside of you, and courage to work towards making that dream come true. It takes leaving behind all that you know and believing that you hold within you the power to make the future better than the past. None of this is easy, by the way.  It sounds pretty, but to be mired in the trenches of it is just really awful. There’s no nice way to say it.  To force yourself beyond what you know and are comfortable with is monumental for most of us, but it is indeed necessary to achieve what we set out to, letting go of who we were in order to grow into who we want to become. Leaving behind familiar pieces of ourselves, especially outdated ones, because it is necessary to make room for new things to grow is often painfully difficult.

But sometimes in order to get where we want to be, we must do what we can’t imagine or bear.  With the unpleasantness of standing still no longer an option, we move forward with trepidation and tender hope, choosing bravery and compassion.  We let our hearts guide us and enter a journey which has no known end, submitting only to press on and discover where it could lead.
Wishing each and every one of you the courage to let your dream do more than live in your heart. Turn it into a reality, because it isn’t only what we gain by our efforts, but who we become as a result of them that matters.

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